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At (EZYO), we understand that the privacy of your personal information is important to you and us.

Below is information about the types of personal information we receive and collect when you visit (EZYO), and how your personal data changes.

log files

As with some different websites, around the assembly in log files.

You visited our site on our site, and the time you visited through our site.


Visiting cookies must be allowed:

Basic cookies

Cookies are essential to you


These cookies store information, your personal preferences, for a unique experience.

This may include a pop-up window only once per your visit, saving your language preferences, or allowing you to register with some of the trademarks in some of us.

Analytics cookies

Pick up cookies

Other website designs.

Advertising cookies

Sites that use external site beacons or sites that use advertised.

He passed this information to Google AdSense, including the Google AdSense website, as well as our website, and some information about what you used to install Flash.

 Some sites on the web.

The cookies of Google and its network will be made available in advertisements, displaying advertisements to you

 Use of advertisements can be triggered by going to advertisements.

If you want to use other ads, third party ad platforms ads on ad platforms.

This is generally used for targeting purposes for specific purposes eg (showing SEO ads in Egypt to someone in Egypt) or showing ads based on specific specific locations (eg showing real estate ads frequenting real estate websites).

If you want to set third-party cookies, choosing to selectively disable or turn off third-party cookies in the Program Settings settings however can explain how our website interacts with our website.

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